Everything You Need To Know To Set Up Your Home Office

More and more entrepreneurs decide to work from home. But for it to work and to work comfortably, the house must be adapted, or at least a functional space in which the study or office will be set up.

It will always depend on the kind of work you want to do at home, as a study for an accountant will not be the same as for a tattoo artist or a home office for a designer or a writer, but they will certainly coincide in some aspects. So the first thing is to define the type of business and take into account the comforts you need to condition the space.

Home Office Furniture

  • Desk: No matter what activity you do, a desk is essential in any office. The material and style are up to you.
  • Chair: You can’t miss a chair or two either. The most advisable thing is to have an executive chair that allows you to be comfortable and maintain an adequate working position, especially if you need to be seated for a long time.
  • Shelves: This furniture will help you to have at hand everything you need such as books, documents, sheets, among others. It will be very useful even if you have a small space.
  • Filing cabinetsA small piece with the necessary separations is enough where you can organize all the important papers in your office. It is a crucial piece of furniture for businesses that require maintaining invoices.
  • Modular furniture: If you have a large space to install your home office, you can consider this type of furniture, since they are not only very practical but also include functional pieces that will be useful, such as some of the items mentioned above.
  • Sofa: You can also consider including a sofa for your workspace, as it will help you a lot for those moments when the chair tires, you wait for inspiration, or you will receive visitors.

7 home office models

Once you decide on the furniture that is most useful to you, you can continue and choose the model of your home office. There are many decoration ideas that you can take into account, without forgetting the functionality of the space, what you really need to work in the best way.

Remember that the model of the office must be related to the use you want to give it. If, for example, you need to receive clients or partners, it is advisable to have a formal and appropriate environment that reflects security.

1.If you have a room of at least 5 square meters, it will be much easier to prepare your home office. You can take into account a model with modular furniture and shelves.

  1. If your thing is to work in a cool environment, this home office model is for you, adapting one or two desks with a sofa nearby to sit there or move to the desk from time to time.
  2. You can adapt the space with more than one desk or with a counter, especially if you need to work with other people as a team.
  3. If you have less space and a corner is enough to work, consider a minimalist and comfortable decoration. You can delimit your workspace with a rug.
  4. This model is ideal if you have a separate space in your house, in the attic style, since you can furnish a section with everything you need.
  5. With the same idea as ​​the previous model, making the most of even the smallest space you can to accommodate your home office.
  6. With this model, you can separate your office from the rest of the house while creating greater privacy to work.

Pros and cons of working from home

You should take into account the advantages and disadvantages that having a home office can present.

Among the advantages of working at home we can mention:

  • With the flexibility of hours, although it is advisable to establish a routine, you will have the freedom to control working hours.
  • It also allows you to follow the physical and nutritional routines more easily, being able to adapt to the schedule and not having to carry all the food from one place to another.
  • Reducing the work to a laptop with which you can move even out of town.
  • Sharing time with the family, being present at home without wasting time to help the children with homework, and being without delay for meals or special moments.

Among the cons we must highlight:

  • The small space, in addition to being surrounded by different distractions, limits the possibility of keeping other furniture. To avoid distractions, you have to be very rigorous when working, but regarding the lack of space to keep other furniture at home, we recommend you consider the option of renting a warehouse, at least only to be used in order to maintain your ordered stock.
  • Also, working from home, if a computer is not required, can be very lonely, and it is easy to get distracted by looking for interactions.
  • It is very common that it is difficult to establish boundaries between work and home as it is the same physical place.

With this in mind, you can start to establish your home office, or you can improve some aspects if it is already your way of working.

Some final recommendations are that you remember the importance of lighting and ventilation in the place you establish the office; this will influence the performance of your work. Privacy also plays an important role, without interruptions or annoying noises, so you should avoid establishing the office in a corridor or hall space of your home.